TMT Two Port ISO Type A Hot Stab

TMT Two Port ISO Type A Hot Stab

The TMT Two Port ISO Type A Hot Stab is a standardised hot stab conforming to ISO 13628-8 and API 17H design requirements. TMT can also customise a hot stab to suit your needs ranging in size from a blank hot stab to multiple ports. The hot stab can be customised to suit most applications. 


  • Compatible with ISO 13628-8 & API 17H 2 port Type A receptacles
  • Multiple Handle options handle options
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Multiple accessories
  • 10,000psi options
  • ¼ NPT Ports



Male Overall Dimensions 680L x 155W x 57Hmm
Male Weight in Air 5.1kg
Male Weight in Seawater 4.4kg
Female in Air 4.2kg
Female in Seawater 3.7kg
Pressure Rating 10,000psi (690bar)
Depth Rating Unlimited


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