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TMT 2 Port Hot Stab ISO Type B

TMT 2 Port Hot Stab ISO Type B

Category: Hot Stabs
The TMT 2 Port ISO Type B Hot Stab is a standardised hot stab conforming to ISO 13628-8 and API 17H design requirements. TMT can also customise a hot stab to suit your needs ranging in size from a blank hot stab, female hot stab or with additional ports.


  • Compatible with ISO 13628-8 & API 17H 2 Type B port receptacles
  • Different handle options 
  • 316 or 2205 stainless steel
  • Multiple accessories
  • 10,000psi options
  • Flexible Handle
  • ¼” NPT Ports


Male Overall Dimensions 655L x123W x123Hmm
Male Weight in Air ~5.3kg
Male Weight in Seawater ~4.6kg
Female in Air ~3.3kg
Female in Seawater ~2.8kg
Pressure Rating 10,000psi ( 690bar)
Depth Rating Unlimited