Triton XLX51

The XLX ROV system is a hydraulic heavy duty ROV system. Designed and built to perform the most exacting operations in the harshest of environments for long periods, the XLX provides the necessary attributes to get the job done.
With an impressive 1,100kgf thrust performance, the XLX is in a class of its own.
The XLX is particularly suited for heavy-duty construction support, where remote intervention tasks are required such as positioning of subsea structures, pipeline/umbilical connection, pipeline repair, component change-out, valve operation, fluid injection, debris removal, plus many more.
The vehicle may be fitted with a range of acoustic sensors to perform precision surveys and conduct salvage operations.
Deep-water operations are aided by the use of a complimentary top hat tether management system (TMS), designed to maximise the performance of the vehicle by eliminating the effects of umbilical drag and vessel motion.


  • Length: 3226mm
  • Width: 1803mm
  • Height: 2000-2148mm
Depth Rating 3000 / 4000msw
HP 150-250hp
Payload 250-550kg