Triton XL11

The Triton 1 and Triton XL11, are 125-hp work-class ROV systems. The Triton XLS system’s 3,000 kg of through-frame lift provides a platform for a wide variety of tooling modules and custom intervention work skids. The Triton and XL are highly dependable work-class vehicles designed for extreme water depths and demanding subsea construction tasks. The system effectively supports offshore projects and construction tasks, including:

• Deepwater and ultra-deepwater installation and construction support

• Subsea cable burial and maintenance

• Deepwater salvage and recovery

• Remote tool deployment

• Subsea pipeline construction, completion and survey activities

• Platform inspection, repair and maintenance

• Suction pile installation

• Drill support and completion activities



Length 3226mm
Width 1803mm
Height 2000 - 2148mm
Manipulator Function

Titan T4- 7 Function

Rigmaster 5 Function

Depth Rating 2000msw
HP 100hp
Payload 200kg