ROV Operations is the lifeblood of TMT.

Our product development is driven by recognising the experiences our crews and clients confront everyday in the offshore environment and our process integrates the right people with the right equipment to deliver world class ROV system performance safely and reliably all the time.
Successful outcomes require a seamless partnership between robust technology and confident operators. The strength of these 2 factors will determine the ability of any ROV service provider to maximise project success, independent of adversity and unplanned events.

As an ROV manufacturer, we can offer a unique training environment to ensure our people are technically competent and offshore ready. Our international workforce know our equipment from the ground up and our ongoing training develops strong personal competence within the offshore team. This active managed approach maintains a safe and efficient ROV operation throughout the project.
Our ROV and tooling manufacturing facility can integrate customised hardware configurations to optimise client requirements before mobilisation. This flexibility and depth of engineering within TMT ensures the equipment is always right for the workscope.
The TMT onshore operations department has the experience to integrate and manage our services on a global level to provide our clients and crews with the support required to deliver exceptional ROV and tooling performance.

TMT Offshore ROV workscopes experience includes:
  • Drilling Support
    • This is currently our largest workscope segment and we continue to develop new technology to increase ROV functionality for drilling support operations.
  • Subsea Completions
    • We have been active participants in subsea tree installation projects since 2001. TMT are world leaders in remote pressure and flow measurement technology for remote SST latch and test intervention activity.
  • Field Intervention
    • We have conducted field intervention workscopes with many of our ROV systems. In addition to developing specialised tooling to remove marine growth and operate valves affected by calcareous build up on dynamic assemblies.
  • Pipelay Barge Support
    • TMT has operated single and dual ROV systems on pipelay barges throughout the Asia region. We have a number of inhouse ROV operated shackle / hook designs to assist with crossing deployments.
  • Field Construction
    • Current long term contracts include vessel based ROVs which perform a multi-role function in construction workscopes. The ROV tasking will sometimes require simultaneous ROV operations from the same vessel.
  • Field Abandonment
    • We were recently part of the team that completed the largest field abandonment exercise in Australia. TMT developed over 40 active and contingent tooling options focused on the wellhead removal phase of the project.
  • Environmental Surveys
    • Due to the diverse range of ROV systems, TMT can provide ROVs and sensor packages scaled to the client requirements. Workscopes include pre-site jackup surveys, long term comparison monitoring and water quality / site impact degradation.