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Hydrostatic Pressure Testing


TMT has an in-house hydrostatic pressure testing facility on the premises in Bibra Lake. All pressure testing and certification is carried out within TMTs quality assurance guidelines, to ensure that our Reports, MDR’s and Procedures meet the highest possible standards and project credentials. TMT can conduct pre and post-test Insulation Resistance (IR) and continuity electrical tests. A digital transducer pressure log can also be provided.

There are two pressure vessels available of 1800psi (124 bar) and 10,152psi (700 bar).

Testing can be customised to suit the client’s requirement.



  • Test Report
  • IR and continuity electrical tests
  • Digital transducer pressure log



TMT Pressure Vessel 1, 0004-9626

Dimensions ∅317 x752Hmm
MAWP 1800psi (124bar)
Internal Receptacles Burton 5506-2008, 8 pin


TMT Pressure Vessel 2, 0004-1429

Dimensions ∅156 x208Hmm
MAWP 10,152psi (700bar)
Internal Receptacles Impulse SE IE55-1508-FCR



For more details download the PDF or contact us.