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Company Profile

Total Marine Technology is an Australian based company situated in Bibra Lake, Western Australia. It was formed in 1999 to provide locally built Work Class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and intervention tooling designed specifically for the offshore drilling and production industry.

The founders of TMT believed by building equipment locally and maximizing the use of standard components sourced from established industries would deliver intrinsic reliability missing from many ROV systems available at that time.

In 2014 TMT became a finalist in two categories of the WA Industry and Export Awards, winning the prestigious C.Y. O'Connor Award for Excellence in Engineering and Technology, and recieving a special commendation in the WA Manufacturing Export Award category. Winning the C.Y. O'Connor Award is recognition of TMT's world class level of innovation in engineering and manufacturing








TMT has continually built ROVs over the past 17 years and in the process attracted people who passionately contribute to the ongoing success of TMT's products and services.



We now have a team which exceeds 130 onshore personnel and 130 offshore technicians involved with the design, engineering, building and delivering great products and ROV services worldwide.

We have a number of patents and industry awards that recognizes TMT's competence and excellence in our market sector. Innovation driven by client need and challenge within the drilling support and production environment defines TMT as a clear leader in ROV and intervention technology.



In March 2013, TMT completed the deepest known dive by a non-military ROV system in Australia. This was conducted in the Perth Canyon at a depth of 3105 MSW to technically qualify the Typhoon ROV systems for use in Brazil.



The combined strength of heritage, innovation and training for the future will ensure TMT's continued success into the future.